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UNESCO postcard RU-125
11 January 2024
25 February 2024
Duration: 45 days
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About: Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow
Photo by JuliaSaleh
25 Feb 2024, 23:53:04
Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow

Date of Inscription: 1990
Criteria: (i)(ii)(iv)(vi)
Property : 42.1 ha
Buffer zone: 1,121.3 ha
Dossier: 545

A series of postage stamps is dedicated to the return of gateway holy pictures to the passage towers of the Moscow Kremlin.

In Soviet times, all the icons were considered irretrievably lost, but in 2007, the Foundation of Apostle Andrew the First-Called raised a concern of their return. The archival research that followed made it possible to get a sufficiently comprehensive idea of the historical appearance of the icons.

Field studies revealed that the images of Christ the Savior on the Spasskaya Tower and of St. Nicholas on the Nikolskaya Tower were gingerly covered with a metal mesh with a coating material applied over it.

In 2010, the ancient holy pictures of Christ the Savior on the Spasskaya Tower and of Saint Nicholas on the Nikolskaya Tower were restored and unveiled.

In 2023, after meticulous research work, seven more irretrievably lost images were recreated with the scientific restoration method. That was a unique project; its successful implementation symbolizes the continuation of the centuries-old historical succession.

The postage stamp provide image of Icon of Christ Not Made by Hand and the Blessed Virgin Mary (Spasskaya Tower).
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